Sonic Sabarmati

In Collaboration with

Agat Sharma, Adesh Kushwa & Xavier de Sousa


Jaison Manjaly, Hatim Sham, Camellia Chakraborty, Dev Barbhaya

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Sonic Sabarmati is the first part of our larger project, Coding the currents. This project is an initiative of PAST collective( Agat Sharma and Pankaj Tiwari). This project is a work on speculative fiction as an enquiry into post-human ecology.

The Site of his project is river Sabarmati. We start a conversation with the river through different art and science medium and practices. This is about breaking the boundaries of Art and science and creating a conversation between them. Its an exploration of the Unknown, it's a speculation between truth and untruth. It works on the limit of science and try to see the possibilities through art.