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Current: a space

Maria Magdalena Kozlowska, Tom Oliver, Sarah Naqvi
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Current: a Space:
“Current: a Space”, is a playful encounter with the canals of Amsterdam. It is a space for acting and thinking with the flow of water. "
A nomadic performance space, that reflects on ecology, nature and the city through art, performance and food. It is a space for us to get together as a community and make these canals of the city our muse.

“To create a community space for arts, culture and solidarity inspired by the spirit of the flow
of water and life on the canals of the city of Amsterdam.”

Current: a space is a nomadic art initiative founded by Pankaj Tiwari. Central to Current: a space is the combination of visual arts, performance, food and community. Tiwari functioned as the instigator of the project but meanwhile Current: a space entails a diverse group of artists, curators and academicians who are based in Amsterdam.

Since its start in January 2020, Current: a space has been curating all sorts of performance events in which these four elements - visual arts, performance, food and community - were strongly present. We believe that being part of a community that shares resources and takes care of each other is one of the most important things we have. To be connected with people is our first aim, all the other (material) things come second. From this perspective, we consider art as a means of conversation and communication between people and as a tool to uncover social inequalities.
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