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Created by

Pankaj Tiwari

Produced by

Spielart Festival, Munich | De Singel, Antwerp | Gessnerallee, Zurich | Grand Theatre, Groningen

Paperplanes, is a participetry performance installation, that confrents western audiences with the ethics of flying in a globlised world. A poetic political reflection about climate change and relation between the west and global south, about diverse realities. On one hand, the airplane is a symbol of shame and pollution, and on the other it is a vessel of dreams. Who is allowed to fly, and whose dreams must remain on the ground? Togather with the audience, Paperplanes crafts a future; forgotten, mutated and eaten by the capitalist structure of the west and vomits out seeds of hope and solidarity. 

Paper plane uses poetries as political reflections about climate change and the relation between the west and the global south, about diverse realities. I want to attempt to make 15000 paper planes, as that is the amount one needs in their account to get the visa to Europe.

The show will open in Oct, 2023.

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