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In Collaboration with

Maria Magdalena Kozlowska, Noah Voelker, Dimitri van den Wittenboer

Supported by

Fons Podium Kunsten (NL)

The Fireplace is a participatory work that aims to create moments of hope and inclusivity in the desperate time of the ongoing pandemic. We are using simple, but direct and universal artistic tools of singing and storytelling to share this moment with the passers-by, whoever they might be. The performance is a statement of care and inclusivity, values that we believe should not be forgotten.

The pandemic has estranged us from our familiar everyday life and one another. As restrictions are lifted and we can once again be together, safely, we believe it is a good moment to investigate how to meet strangers in public space. It is therefore the right time to use this distance from the familiar past so that we can imagine the future.

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